Acrylic spray paints

Acrylic spray paints are products that open up completely new possibilities for the creator. It is completely effortless to create soft edges and smooth transitions with them that are relatively difficult to recreate with a brush. They also give the irreplaceable possibility of covering the surface with a perfect, even layer of color, without visible brush strokes, which are difficult to avoid using acrylic paints in a traditional form. They are intended for both decorative, hobby and artistic works. Due to the fact that we can apply them on so many surfaces, they become a very universal medium. They will stay well on paper, cardboard, canvas, but also on plastic, wood, metal, ceramics and glass. At PaperConcept you will find a few brands of acrylic spray paints - e.g. Liquitex and Rico Design. You will also find them at our stores in Wrocław, Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk, Poznań and Katowice.