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Spray paint - Liquitex - fluorescent green, 400 ml

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Liquitex Spray Paint is acrylic paint spray, which thanks to the innovative formula provide a lot of possibilities of their use. After applying the paint, it remains moist for a long time, which allows you to freely modify the painted surface with the help of painting tools, such as brushes or sponges. Moist paint is washable with water, but after drying it becomes completely waterproof.


These paints are used on various types of surfaces: canvas, paper, cardboard, wood, but also glass and metal. They are also great at creating murals, graffiti and painting using templates. Liquitex Spray Paint can also be combined with other acrylic paints. The cans work with all overlays with a standard diameter, so that you can freely change the shape of the escaping paint stream.


Products with exceptional light fastness. The paint composition includes a water base and high-quality pigments that guarantee intense colors with a matte finish. They have an intense smell, thanks to which they are safe to use both in closed and open spaces. Liquitex Spray Paints are completely free of lead and do not contain any toxic solvents, so they do not irritate the skin.

COLOR: fluorescent green

CAPACITY: 400 ml


COMPANY: Liquitex