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Creative cuddly Crafty Friends - Reindeer Finny

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Crafty Friends is a collection of cute creative cuddly toys that you can pick up and have fun with.

The characters have different skills and characters, but are a harmonious group of friends.

Sometimes they borrow clothes because all the animals are of similar height.

Crafty Friends are also:

- Wise and joyful spending time with parents or colleagues;

- Development of imagination and creative thinking;

- Dressing up clothes, which is a great way to practice small motor skills and improve manual skills in younger children;

- Fun that calms and relaxes being a good alternative to flashy media and a large amount of external stimuli;

- Learning social roles by collecting all products in the series and creating relationships between characters.

Reindeer Finny is a builder who loves to help friends. We are happy to serve with strength, resourcefulness and support. With him, no one remains hungry, he will even share the last sandwich. The reindeer can be changed because there is an extra set of clothes in the package.

The toy is approx. 16 cm, it is made of soft cotton and packed in a beautiful eco box (14 x 13 x 30 cm).

The cuddly toy is CE certified and can be used by children from 3 years of age.

SIZE: 16 cm

FABRIC: cotton