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Polyvinyl Hobby glue, 60 ml

4.99 PLN
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Mulitipurpose, polyvinyl glue.

- bonds fast,
- dries clear
- precise, no clog tip,
- non-toxic,
- suitable for: paper, cardboard, wood, pottery.

Must have for each crafter!

Drying time:
Paper and cardboard – 5 minutes.
Foam, felt, plastic – 1 to 3 hours, depending on the glue layer thickness, the size of the glued surfaces and room temperature.

Make sure surface is clean and dry.
Before the first use: remove the cup, then cut the ip and replace cup to close.
For use with paper and fabric, apply a thin coat and press together and leave until dry.
For use with wood and pottery, clamp or weight together until dry.
Use water to wipe up excess glue before it dries.
Close cup after use.


COMPANY: dpCraft



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