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Artists' Colored Pencil - Holbein - Black

16.90 zł

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Ask about product

Artists' Colored Pencil - Holbein - Black

Artists' Colored Pencil - Holbein - Black

Symbol: HOL-OP510

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Holbein color pencils are lead kneaded with pigment, wax, fats and oils, etc. is dried and put in the thin central canal of an axial pencil frame of wood.

Holbein's Artists' Colored Pencil made from carefully selected fine pigments is a soft oil colored pencil; therefore, it is adjusted to meet artists' high demands. As color material, it enables you to paint rapidly necessary colors one after another without soiling the hand.

Color of pencils spreads well, for the lead is soft. It can be used for daubing the whole surface of paper uniformly with a thick lead and also for drawing fine lines smoothly with a tapering lead. They have excellent light resistance. High-grade pigment is selected carefully, and it exhibits little fading or discoloration by light. It can be used together with watercolor or acrylic color, for it fixes well to any kind of paper.

COLOR: Black OP510

PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Holbein