Calligraphy ink - Kaweco - Royal Blue, 50 ml

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Calligraphy ink - Kaweco - Royal Blue, 50 ml

Calligraphy ink - Kaweco - Royal Blue, 50 ml

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It all started in 1883 in a small shop near the University of Heidelberg. The first Kaweco bile ink was already available for sale. Over the years, the inks and writing instruments underwent further development and their quality remained the main priority of the brand.

Royal Blue calligraphy ink in a glass bottle is one of the most popular inks in Kaweco's offer. Provides excellent coverage necessary for effective drawing and writing. The ink is vegan and water-soluble. Kaweco inks are compatible with any type of fountain pen. It is especially recommended to use converters, which are a kind of environmentally friendly reusable cartridges.

Carefully selected ink colors will allow you to create unique, creative works or important documents. They can be used with all types of fountain pens. The bottle has a convenient, wide neck allowing for quick and convenient filling of the pen and preventing the ink from escaping outside the packaging.

COLOR: Royal Blue


PACKAGE: 1 pc.




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