Calligraphy Gouache - Schmincke - 761, Jet Black, 20 ml

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Ask about product

Calligraphy Gouache - Schmincke - 761, Jet Black, 20 ml

Calligraphy Gouache - Schmincke - 761, Jet Black, 20 ml

Symbol: SCH-27761007

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Calligraphy Gouache 27 series are paints designed for the most demanding artists.

Calligraphy Gouache paints are specially formulated paints for calligraphy. The colors in this range are luminous and largely opaque, and their consistency is perfect for a variety of calligraphy applications. The Calligraphy Gouache range of paints contains 12 colors, including gold pearl and silver in tubes of 20 ml. The paints can be diluted with water and mixed as desired.

Diluting the paint and feeding the pen. You will need an old brush, an ink dropper, water and a small white saucer or paint palette. Squeeze out about 5 mm of paint from the tube into the mixing palette. Using the ink dropper, add water to the paint and mix with the brush. Add more water, drop by drop, until all the paint is mixed and is the consistency of thin, runny cream. Use the brush to feed the paint into the pen by stroking it on the side or top of the nib. When you have finished, cover the palette loosely to keep out dust; add more drops of water and mix thoroughly when you want to use it again.

Download the Calligraphy Gouache paint brochure - click.

COLOR: Jet Black 761




PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Schmincke