Inktober 2022 Ilustration Basic Set 3 - Kuretake - 5 pcs.

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Inktober 2022 Ilustration Basic Set 3 - Kuretake - 5 pcs.

Inktober 2022 Ilustration Basic Set 3 - Kuretake - 5 pcs.

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Fudegokochi Brush Pen set to celebrate Inktober 2022.

Inktober was launched in 2009 by Jake Parker. It is a challenge to improve ink writing skills and develop positive drawing habits. Since then it has become a worldwide endeavor, with thousands of artists participating.

The kit prepared for Inktober is versatile - the pens allow you to create precise details, conveniently cover larger areas, paint reflections. Different types of tips give an extremely wide range of creative possibilities!

The set includes:


The name "NIHON-DATE" means "double function" in Japanese. "KABURA" means subtle curves in the shape of a pen. They are derived from the traditional shapes of calligraphy brushes. The pen fits very well in the hand, which is especially valuable for longer work.

The larger, extremely flexible tip made of perforated silicone will not break. It allows you to create dynamic lines. The thinner tip allows you to create extremely precise thin lines, drawing the smallest details. It has a slightly stiff tip and can be used just like a regular ballpoint pen; therefore, it is also recommended for people who are just starting to write with brush tips. The combination of the two tips will be appreciated by any draftsman. The combination of a soft and hard tip, a small tip with a larger one, gives a very big possibility. Writing, drawing details, filling in larger areas - Nihon-Date Kabura is suitable for all these purposes. Water-based dye ink.


Pen with brush tip - nylon bristle brush. Allows to obtain lines of different thickness. Contains water-based, pigmented black ink, water and light resistant when dry. Excellent for manga, calligraphy, traditional sumi-e painting and other techniques. Versatile, medium-thick tip allows for both fine detail and covering larger areas.


Kuretake Zig Mangaka Flexible are brushpens with a flexible tip ideal not only for beginner calligraphers. They will meet the approval of manga and comic book artists, as well as architects, illustrators, designers looking for professional pens at an affordable price. They contain water-based pigment ink that works well with all alcohol-based markers, with watercolor paints and is resistant to eraser abrasion. The pens do not cause streaks when covering larger surfaces.

ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush 091 Light Gray

Clean Color Real Brush by Kuretake is a unique pen - it has a real brush tip, made of synthetic bristles. The water-based dye ink resembles saturated watercolor paint. The pen is excellent both for applying larger patches of color and drawing lines of various thicknesses, including very thin ones. Successfully used in calligraphy. It has convenient caps to prevent rolling off the table. Clean Color Real Brush is a versatile tool that allows the artist to enjoy extreme precision in his work. 091 Light Grey is the perfect neutral gray for shading artwork and drawing finer lines.

ZIG Memory System WINK OF STELLA BRUSH II 999 GL. Clear

The Japanese Wink of Stella Brush pen allows you to precisely incorporate glitter effects into your work. The nylon bristle tip allows you to achieve lines of varying thickness, giving you great artistic freedom. The marker is filled with high-quality water-based pigment ink. The ink is photo-safe, acid-free, lightfast, odorless and xylene-free. Ideal for calligraphy, illustration, adding shimmering details or covering larger areas with fine glitter. Shade 999 GL. Clear is a silvery glitter dust in a transparent base. Apply the shimmering pollen to the work.nt of pressure applied. Contains water-based, dye-based ink in light gray. Store lying down or tip/screw up.

PACKAGE: 5 pcs.

- Kuretake Fude Pen ”NIHON-DATE KABURA” (No. 55);

- Kuretake Fude Pen Koburi “CHUJI” (No. 32);


- ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush 091 Light Gray;

- ZIG Memory System WINK OF STELLA BRUSH II 999 GL. Clear.

COMPANY: Kuretake