Watercolor paints

Watercolor is a painting technique in which pigments dissolved in water are applied on absorbent paper. Watercolors were already known in ancient Egypt, where artists used this technique to decorate papyrus manuscripts. However, watercolor became popular in the 15th century. In the 18th century, they have started to make the formula, as we know it to these days. 

Watercolor paints currently available for artists consist of a pigment and a water-soluble binder. It is mostly arabic gum. The watercolor often contains additives, such as glycerin, honey or sugar, which affect their consistency. The main feature of watercolor paints is their transparency and formula that allows color gradation. In addition to a wide range of colors offered by manufacturers, there are also various consistencies that allow you to obtain many different effects. The most popular watercolors are those in pans/half-pans and tubes, but you can also find powder watercolor paints, Ecolines (in bottles) or watercolor pencils and brushpens. However, what they all have in common is the ability to dissolve in water. Thanks to this watercolor paints do not require much technical knowledge, as in the case with, for example, oil paints. The watercolor technique requires some practice and skills, but getting ready for adventure with watercolors is pretty easy. If you would like to try watercolor painting, you only need thick, absorbent paper, watercolor paints, a brush and a jar of water.

You can successfully use watercolor paints alone or combine them with other techniques for even more interesting effects. Watercolor paints will be great with pastels, gouaches, markers or acrylic paints and many other mediums. 

At PaperConcept, we have watercolor paints for you in various forms and many colors, created by various brands, aimed at professional artists, designers and illustrators, as well as hobbyists and amateurs. Among them you will find metallic Coliro watercolors, Talens Ecolines or student watercolors by Cotman and Van Gogh or professional Holbein watercolors in handy tubes and economical half-pans!