Wooden beads are a great variety of DIY decorations for your home. They can be used to decorate not only traditional tapestries and macrame, but also dream catchers, woven covers for flower pots, rugs, pillows and other decorations that will give the interior a unique character. Wooden beads can also be used to create handmade jewelry, toys, dolls and other creative forms. They are also great for decorating with the decoupage technique, painting, gilding and wrapping. Wooden beads can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. At PaperConcept you can find wooden beads in the shape of a ball, polyhedron, barrel and also a cube. Various sizes are also available - from 6 mm to 3 cm. Wooden beads can be found not only in raw form, in the natural color of the wood, but also in other colors - PaperConcept offers bead sets in pastel and vivid colors. Wooden beads can also be painted by yourself, creating unique patterns and color versions tailored to individual needs.