Cotton Yarn

Cotton yarn is a unique and universal fiber, extremely valued in the knitting technique. Cotton yarn is incredibly smooth, each weave looks great, emphasizing the aesthetic value of the work. Cotton yarn does not deform, tear or pilling. It's very durable and soft at the same time. Natural yarn does not sensitize or irritate the delicate children's skin so you can also weave clothes and accessories for the youngest. Cotton yarn can be safely machine washed without the risk of shrinking or fading, unlike its woolen counterpart. The 100% cotton yarn is perfect for creative needlework, crochet, loom or knitting. It is perfect not only for knitting cuddly toys, but also for crocheting clothes and accessories. You you can weave pendants, baubles, home decor decorations, covers, clothes, rattles and teethers for children. The yarn in balls comes in a wide range of colors that will surely encourage you to learn how to crochet. Cotton yarn is extremely easy to use, thanks to which it will be an excellent proposition for both beginners and advanced in the technique of crocheting, weaving on a loom and knitting. Unleash your creativity and make amigurumi cotton mascots and more!