Decorative cotton cords are the basic product necessary to weave macrame. The most popular macrame string is cotton twisted string 3 PLY or 5 PLY. Depending on the preferences and the size of the planned macrame, the most common type of strings are these with a diameter of 2 mm, 3 mm or 5 mm. Decorative cords for macrame are available in many colors and are made of 100% cotton. An original product is also a cotton string with metallizing threads that give it shine. Cotton strings are cheap and natural products. They look beautiful in any arrangement. The strings may differ from each other in the materials they are made of (cotton, polyester, nylon strings; strings with or without a core, viscose strings, hemp strings, jute strings, sausage / notary strings), diameter and weave. The string can be twisted, knitted or braided. Each string can be used to make a beautiful macrame, although not every type will be equally easy to work with.

At PaperConcept you will find both colored and natural (light cream) cotton strings, flat, thick, twisted and others - they are produced in many variants with various structures and weaves. Among the strings, we can also recommend jute and hemp products, which are perfect for decorating or even knitting. In turn, typical notary strings or, in other words, cotton twine / string for meat tying will be a great decoration when wrapping gifts. Depending on the type, the string can be thick, fleshy, with a dense and compact weave (it will be durable and strong) or softer and pleasant to the touch (it will be perfect for typical textile products).

The use of strings is very wide. The cords can be used as the basis for craft or as a finishing element. The strings can be used to weave not only macrame, but also a purse or durable cotton string pads. For lovers of the eco trend, you can knit an ecological bath wash cloth or reusable cotton pads from a string. Although the choice is very large, the best macrame cords are those made of pure cotton. The most popular macrame strings on the market are Bobbiny strings.