Book, The World's Best Typography - Hugh Miller

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Book, The World's Best Typography - Hugh Miller

Book, The World's Best Typography - Hugh Miller

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The World's Best Typography

The yearbook of the Type Directors Club in NY is a bible of inspiration for typography aficionados. Even top creatives can still find role models here - and not only beginners can find inspiration. This is where craftsmanship meets creation, where classic skills meet groundbreaking innovations. This is where trends are tracked down and set. This book defines where the bar lies that is considered the hurdle to the Typo Olympus.

Designers from all over the world compete to see which works make it into the book. The competition is divided into Communication Design and Typedesign. In both categories, students have the chance to compete against each other in their own section. The "Award for Typographic Excellence" is the ticket to the best agencies in the world.

The yearbook itself is also a testimony to the latest typographic trends, sets standards, is a collector's item and distinguishes its owners as visual masterminds.

A firework of ideas

If brilliant work from around the world captivates you, make sure you get your copy. If you want to use the typefaces that will grace tomorrow's hip magazines today, pay special attention to the results of the 25th Typedesign Competition. And if you're looking for a gift for creative people who somehow have everything already: et voilà!

About design and equipment

Developed by a different agency each year, the bar for book design is naturally high. This year, Tereza Bettinardi took it in stride.

Would you like to show the award-winning work in the original?

As the representative of TDC in Germany, Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs looks forward to receiving the award-winning originals in a large, black case from New York every year. This case will gladly come to you for exhibition purposes. Please contact us: b.raab(at)

Topic: typography

Author: Hugh Miller

Text: English

Pages: 360 pages with 750 award-winning illustrations and 35 new fonts.

Format: 21 x 28 cm

Cover: matt foil laminated hardcover with embossing.

COMPANY: Verlag Hermann Schmidt



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