Synthetic bristles, Colineo Travel brush set - Da Vinci - 2 pcs.

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Synthetic bristles, Colineo Travel brush set - Da Vinci - 2 pcs.

Synthetic bristles, Colineo Travel brush set - Da Vinci - 2 pcs.

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We are delighted to present an exclusive, limited edition of Colineo Travel brushes created to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Leonardo da Vinci brand.

Colineo series watercolor brushes are made of very fine and flexible synthetic fibers. They are characterized by an elongated fine point, extraordinary flexibility, absorbency and high ability to absorb paints. The bristles of the brushes are housed in a polished silver ferrule located on a short brown lacquered wooden handle. The Colineo brushes will be ideal for painting with watercolors. They will also work well for glass painting, design, printmaking, retouching, lasering, erasing and silk painting. Each brush has been thoroughly tested at the production stage. Colineo brushes are completely vegan.

These elegant and innovative watercolor travel brushes embody not only the company's quality standards, but also the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci. Each brush features a laser-engraved logo and series number (only 1,422 pieces were produced). The brushes are housed in an elegant eco-leather case. Each piece comes with a quality certificate. Thanks to a clever mechanism, the brush head can be easily replaced or fixed to the handle with one click. The handle is made of waterproof, multicolored, pleasant to the touch hi-tech wood. This unusual painting tool also has an Ethergraf metal tip attached to the end of the handle, which allows sketching on multiple papers.

Da Vinci is a German brand and manufacturer specializing in art brushes. For generations, it has been creating the finest tools for the most diverse areas of application, including special brushes for a wide range of media and painting techniques, such as gilding or makeup, and even brushes for the dental industry for painting porcelain and ceramics.

Top-quality materials, traditional craftsmanship and multi-generational experience combined with state-of-the-art automated production processes have accompanied the da Vinci Art Brush Factory since the middle of the last century. Perfect quality and reliable production standards are the foundation for their entire range of products. All brushes (including their components) are entirely manufactured in Germany.

Most important in the production of da Vinci brushes is the careful selection of raw materials (some of which are prepared specifically for the brush types), unique design and phenomenal workmanship. The da Vinci company produces amazing quality brushes with utmost care and great passion. They are recognized by artists around the world and meet their highest requirements.

SERIES: Colineo

PACKAGE: 2 pcs. (2 round tips, handle, eco leather case, box)

COMPANY: da Vinci

REFERENCE: DV-VA-5522-2022_0