Decoupage adhesion promoter - Renesans - 1200 ml

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Decoupage adhesion promoter - Renesans - 1200 ml

Decoupage adhesion promoter - Renesans - 1200 ml


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Decoupage bonding primer is an innovative product designed specifically to enhance paint adhesion on surfaces, particularly those with a smooth finish. It is perfect for application on laminate, plywood, glass, ceramic, zinc, aluminum, inox, plastic, or stone.

The primary function of this medium is to improve adhesion, which is crucial for challenging painting surfaces. By using this primer, paints gain a solid foundation, ensuring durability and color intensity on each of the mentioned materials.

After applying the primer and allowing 48 hours to elapse, an exceptionally adhesive and waterproof coating is formed. This means that not only do paints adhere better to the substrate, but the product also gains protection against moisture. Additionally, the dried coating is resistant to scratches, making it much easier to maintain the aesthetics and longevity of artworks.

For particularly slippery surfaces, we recommend applying two coats of primer. This ensures even better results and maximum paint adhesion. This product serves as invaluable support for enthusiasts of the decoupage technique, enabling them to create durable and beautiful works of art on various substrates.

CAPACITY: 1200 ml

PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Renesans


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