Set of Isograph drawing pens Combi Master - Rotring

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Set of Isograph drawing pens Combi Master - Rotring

Set of Isograph drawing pens Combi Master - Rotring

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A set of isographs with an automatic pencil, graphites, an eraser, a drawing template and an ink container.

The history of the German brand Rotring began in 1928. Today, Rotring products are the best choice for anyone involved in technical drawing, drafting and art drawing.

Rotring Isographs are high-quality, precise drawing pens with individually refilled reservoirs. They are intended for drawing on cardboard, tracing paper and drawing paper. Their ink flows smoothly and covers very well. Moreover, it has a very high adhesion. After complete drying, it becomes indelible and resistant to light. The Isograph drawing pens have very precise nibs made of stainless steel. They come in many sizes, providing artists with a wide choice depending on the nature of the work they are creating.

COLOR: black

TIPS THICKNESS: 0,10; 0,30; 0,50.

PACKAGE: 9 pcs.

- 3 isographs;

- 0,5 mm mechanical pencil;

- Hi-polymer HB cartridges;

- eraser;

- compass;

- tip for compass;

- ink refill tank.

COMPANY: Rotring