Foil balloons, Star - gold, 12 cm, 25 pcs.

8.50 zł

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Ask about product

Foil balloons, Star - gold, 12 cm, 25 pcs.

Foil balloons, Star - gold, 12 cm, 25 pcs.

Symbol: PD-FB119M-019

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Star-shaped foil balloons in the color of metalized gold.

Foil balloons are an irreplaceable element of any party and an unforgettable attraction especially among the youngest members of the celebration. They are ideal for birthdays, baby shower, bachelorette party, New Year's Eve, fancy dress ball, carnival, outdoor party, school performance or children's ball. They will make the room or garden take on a unique atmosphere, delighting all guests. Balloons can be attached to a table, chairs or walls. They can be inflated with ordinary air. Due to their small size, they will not float after being inflated with helium.

COLOR: gold


PACKAGE: 25 pcs.

COMPANY: PartyDeco



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