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Set of Watercolor paints in box - Rembrandt - 24 colors

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Ask about product

Set of Watercolor paints in box - Rembrandt - 24 colors

Set of Watercolor paints in box - Rembrandt - 24 colors

Symbol: REM-05838625

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A set of high-quality Rembrandt watercolor paints that will meet even the most demanding requirements of contemporary artists. They are made of high-quality, smoothly ground pigments, thanks to which they have exceptionally intense, bright and transparent colors with high hiding power. Most of the colors have the highest degree of lightfastness +++ (more than 100 years in museum conditions). With their help, you can paint small, precise details as well as cover large areas of the canvas. The paints with the brush were placed in an elegant, convenient metal box.

COLORS: Cadmium Yellow Lemon (207), Cadmium Orange (211), Yellow Ochre (227), Gamboge (238), Azo Yellow Light Cadmium Free (246), Azo Yellow Deep Cadmium Free (248), Cadmium Red (305), Cadmium Red Deep (306), Permanent Madder (336), Quinacridone Rose (366), Burnt Umber (409), Greenish Umber (410), Burnt Sienna (411), Sepia (416), Ultramarine Deep (506), Prussian Blue (508), Cobalt Blue (511), Mauve (532), Cerulean Blue (534), Viridian (616), Sap Green (623), Hooker Green Deep (645), Permanent Green (662), Payne's Grey (708).

CAPACITY: 24 x 10 ml


- 24 watercolor paints in half pans;

- brush no. 4 made of natural red sable hair.

COMPANY: Rembrandt