Acrylic Markers Metallic Set - Amsterdam - 3 colors

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Acrylic Markers Metallic Set - Amsterdam - 3 colors

Acrylic Markers Metallic Set - Amsterdam - 3 colors

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Acrylic markers made with high quality, lightfast pigments - these markers give you the ability to create crisp, fast lines without compromising on quality.

Markers are lightfast, making their colors extremely durable. The markers' ingredient is water-based acrylic paint. They are designed to work on many surfaces. They work well on canvas, ceramics, wood, plastic, as well as glass and metal. They can be combined with acrylic paints, inks, varnishes and spray paints.

The pens have a round tip, which allows you to draw lines up to 4 mm thick. An added bonus is the proven pump-and-ball valve system that allows you to dispense and mix colors surprisingly easily. Markers are fast-drying and waterproof when dry.

Before drawing, acrylic markers should be started. Shake the marker until you hear the ball inside. Then soak the tip of the marker in paint, pressing it gently against the surface - waiting for it to soak in. Then the marker is ready to use.

COLORS: Gold 802, Deep Gold 803, Silver 800.


TIP SIZE: 4 mm

TIP TYPE: round

PACKAGE: 3 pcs

COMPANY: Amsterdam



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