Book, Do it, with love. 100 Creative Essentials - Frank Bodin

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Book, Do it, with love. 100 Creative Essentials - Frank Bodin

Book, Do it, with love. 100 Creative Essentials - Frank Bodin

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Tested and approved: "Believing something can make it happen".

Creativity is considered the currency of the post-industrial age, i.e. the very near future. When robots do the work for us and artificial intelligences do the standardized thinking for us, new ideas will be the gold of tomorrow. But what is creativity actually? And what triggers it?

In one hundred short thought-provoking articles, celebrated top creative Frank Bodin answers that question. He presents his "Creative Essentials" in a small hand-flattering booklet, a vademecum that many use as a notebook, even if we never planned it that way ...

At first glance, the English-language Essentials are plausible, almost obvious. But then they unfold their power. Bring new thoughts. Inspire. Retard capsules with creative active ingredient. Maybe that's the reason for 7 editions in four years ... "The sky is not the limit." Creative Essential 76/100.

How did the book come about?

To befriend Twitter, Bodin formulated a thesis on creativity every day for a year. Condensed to 140 characters. A social media experiment with followers and consequences: First he was invited to enhance the fleeting short messages in an exhibition. Analog is more intense. Then exhibition visitors wanted more.

Print is premium

A nice Swiss recommended Schmidt. So the 100 best Creative Essentials in expressive typography found their way into a burgundy leather ribbon. In fact, Frank Bodin's notebook, which accompanies him everywhere, was the inspiration for Do it, with love.

"The sky is not the limit."

Creative Essential number 76 has always been particularly appealing to us - and Do it, with love's flight of fancy continues unabated. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Topic: creativity

Author: Frank Bodin

Text: English

Pages: 216

Format: 11 x 15,6 cm

Cover: thread stitched flex cover with two color foil stamping and round corners,

bound in vegan leather.

COMPANY: Verlag Hermann Schmidt



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