Book, Is it love? 100 Essential Questions - Frank Bodin

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Book, Is it love? 100 Essential Questions - Frank Bodin

Book, Is it love? 100 Essential Questions - Frank Bodin

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Are you following plans or dreams?

Questions open up space for thought and action. Questions can point the way. Questions can hurt. Questions help to break out of dead ends in life or business. Questions are the burning glass that ignites passion and joie de vivre.

If life is to succeed, it is much less important to have the right answers to everything than to ask the important questions. Including oneself. And sometimes to question the answers once again. That's why, after six years and eight editions, Frank Bodin has added Is it Love? to his successful title Do it, with love - 100 Creative Essentials. 100 Essential Questions for everyone who knows that we make choices every day that can lead to greater creative self-efficacy - or not.

Questions that life has asked a top creative, in a hand-flattering booklet that leaves room for your answers, thoughts, and follow-up questions.

Are you following plans or dreams?

Frank Bodin led and restructured renowned agencies. He often took two steps at a time on the career ladder - all the way to Chairman of the Global Creative Council of one of the world's largest agency networks. The list of his honorary commitments is similarly impressive. From A for ADC President to Y for Member and Past President of the YPO.

We don't know what question he asked himself before he decided to quit at the peak of his career and start over. As a strategic consultant, he's been helping brands and companies get the most out of themselves ever since.

Do you question the answers you get?

The 100 Essential Questions that Frank Bodin compiles don't just let his creative career shine through. A human being, mentor and father also asks and questions. This makes the booklet a good companion in all situations in life. And because good questions spark thoughts - and maybe more questions - the typo leaves room for your notes or sketches.

Is it Love? is the ideal gift and souvenir, a hand-flattering little volume with round corners, bound in vegan Italian leather, blue like the sky above Lake Zurich and above you, if you take the time to look up ...

Topic: creativity

Author: Frank Bodin

Text: English

Pages: 216

Format: 11 x 15,6 cm

Cover: thread stitched flex cover with two color foil stamping and round corners,

bound in vegan leather.

COMPANY: Verlag Hermann Schmidt



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