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Brother SDX1200

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Top model from the new Brother DX plotter series. The SDX1200 model has more built-in patterns (1303), fonts (17), and internal memory (1.5 GB) than the basic model. In addition to SVG and FMC files, he also reads patterns saved in the PES and PHC formats. This makes it much easier to make embroidery applications on Brother embroidery machines, thanks to the stitch pattern reading function. Both devices allow you to import patterns using USB or WI-FI. Differences are also found in (much richer) equipment in the SDX1200 accessories. Compared to the predecessors in the DX series, many design changes have been made to improve the machine's operation.

The main difference between the new models and the previous CM series is the elimination of the need to manually adjust the length of the extension and the pressure of the knife. SDX1000 and SDX1200 will do it for you. Thus, the function that made older plotters' users the most problems in configuration was automated. The introduction of new solutions also allowed to increase the maximum thickness of cut materials by 50%. The plotter copes well with cutting down even 3 millimeter thick felts used in embroidery applications. Changes in the structure also influenced the general culture of the machine. Thanks to the new construction, the device works much more quietly, at the same time improving the current speed and accuracy of cutting. This is particularly appreciated by hobbyists who work often at night or young mothers.

A new feature is the introduction of the half-cut function, which allows manual selection of the cutting depth of the knife (although the default is half for this function), for materials with a backing. Vinyl, flex or flock films will not be cut through this way. Another new feature introduced by the ScanNCut models is the possibility of cutting from the roll, without the need to use an adhesive mat. It is possible to cut materials up to 178 cm in length and a maximum width of 25 cm in this way. The roll cutter is optional. The built-in scanner has also been changed - now with a scan resolution of 600 dpi (relative to 300 dpi in the previous series) - making it easier to scan very small elements or small lines.

Brother ScanNCut is a great device with possibilities that only our imagination limits. One of many applications is scrapbooking, i.e. cutting various cardboard patterns used to create, for example, greeting cards. With this machine you can easily cut any pattern from flex or flock foil to decorate your clothing. You can use the device at home, but it also does not fear the larger, commercial projects. This genius device cuts not only paper, cardboard, or foil. Do not worry, you can work with more difficult materials like leather or felt, which will definitely facilitate the work on your tailoring projects.

The plotter offers a lot of ready-made shapes and figures, which by default are stored in its cache. You can change their size and position thanks to a large, ergonomic touch screen. People who do not want to use ready-made solutions programmed in the device, can design their own designs using any vector program or free Brother ScanNCutCanvas program. Built-in scanner, he can recognize the hand-drawn shapes so that the use of graphic programs is not necessary - all you have to do is draw, scan and cut your pattern.

Place a piece of material on the cutting mat that will be cut out by a computer controlled cutting knife. The plotter cuts even very detailed motifs and has the ability to cut figures inside. The length of the cutting blade and its pressure are set manually or we use automatic settings. The plotter will measure the thickness of the material and automatically set the appropriate parameters. ScanNCut not only cuts, it perfectly copes with drawing, embossing or gliding (foiling) - just replace the pen knife, creasing tool or glue dispenser.

Accessories included with the plotter:

- CADXMATSTD12 standard mat

- CADXMATKOW12 weak adhesive

- standard for the CADXBLD1 automatic holder

- automatic CADXHLD1 standard knife holder

- so for thin materials for the CADXBLDQ1 automatic chuck

- automatic knife holder for thin CADXHLDQ1 materials

- pen holder for the Brother CAPENHL1

- pen set (6 pieces) CAPEN1

- disappearing labels for textiles (2 pieces) CAPEN2

- thermal foil for gluing CASTBL1 textiles

- Mat overlay with very strong adhesive (2 sheets) CASTBL2

-paper sheet for cutting 30 x 30 cm

- spatula

- table pen

- bag for accessories

- power cable

- user manual

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