Cutting machine ScanNCut - Brother - SDX1250

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Ask about product

Cutting machine ScanNCut - Brother - SDX1250

Cutting machine ScanNCut - Brother - SDX1250

Symbol: SDX1250

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Plotter ScanNcut SDX1250 was created to cut complicated elements from foil, felt, fabrics such as orthalion, denim, skai, all kinds of clothing materials in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as to cut paper, creating elegant cards, invitations, scrapbooking templates.

It is ideal device for small production and advertising services, especially recommended for companies engaged in the decoration of clothing, when working with foil and fabrics. It will excel in the company of graphics programs, embroidery design software and embroidery machine.

How to use:

Place a piece of fabric, cardboard or foil on the cutting mat. Computer controlled cutting knife, moves on the mat, cutting out designed contours in the material, as well as very precise shapes inside the figures. Instead of the knife, we can use a pen, creasing tool or glue dispenser. Then, the plotter, instead of cutting, will be: drawing, creasing (embosing), spreading glue (e.g. foiling).

The plotter cache contains a large selection of figures and shapes. It is possible to edit a chosen pattern (change its position and size). We can also design forms to be cut out on a computer using free Brother ScanNCutCanvas program or in any vector graphics program. With the built-in scanner, the plotter will recognize and cut out our hand-designed pattern!

Technical specifications:

- 12.7 cm LCD touch screen;

- 1303 patterns stored in the device memory;

- 63 dedicated patterns for circular knife;

- 17 fonts;

- internal memory 1.5GB;

- 600dpi scanner;

- 2 USB inputs;

- WI-FI;

- supports file formats: PES,PHC,PHX,SVG,FMC;

- Automatic blade pressure adjustment;

- Automatic blade length setting;

- maximum scanning and cutting area on mat: 30.5 x 6.1 cm;

- possibility of cutting without the advertising film mat.

Accessories included with SDX1250 plotter:

- CADXMATSTD12 standard mat;

- mat with weak glue CADXMATLOW12;

- standard knife for automatic knife holder CADXBLD1;

- automatic knife holder standard CADXHLD1;

- circular knife with holder CADXRBKIT1 (for fabric cutting);

- My Connection Activation Card - allows you to transfer your designs;

- Brother CAPENHL1 pen holder;

- disappearing pens for textiles (2 pieces) CAPEN2;

- mat overlay with extra strong adhesive (1 sheet) CASTBL2;

- cutting paper sheet 30 x 30 cm;

- spatula;

- tactile pen;

- Accessory pouch;

- power cord;

- instruction manual.

COMPANY: Brother