Fluid Graphite - Kuretake - black, 60 ml

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Ask about product

Fluid Graphite - Kuretake - black, 60 ml

Fluid Graphite - Kuretake - black, 60 ml

Symbol: KT-CE900-6

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Fluid Graphite by Kuretake is a completely new liquid graphite formula, combining graphite with synthetic resins.

Thanks to very high density and stickiness of the ink, it can be strongly diluted, which gives us a wide range of effects - from paste creating textures and three-dimensional effects (in the original formula straight from the package), to transparent granular shading (after strong dilution). Fluid Graphite when dry can be mixed with water-based paints and polished for a glossy surface.

Graphite is one form of carbon - just like diamonds, charcoal, coal, etc. Even though the element is the same - the characteristics are very different because of the crystal structure.

Fluid Graphite is a very thick, sticky ink - a combination of graphite and synthetic resins.

Because of its very high stickiness - it can be diluted to a significant degree to achieve fine granulation. Fluid Graphite used in its original formula (no water added) creates textures, 3D effects. Fluid Graphite is a pigment-based water-based ink that can be applied with a brush, spatula or nib. We recommend experimenting with dilution to achieve the desired consistency.

Techniques to try with Fluid Graphite:

- applying undiluted ink for 3D effects and texture;

- diluting the ink in various degrees, even to fine granulation;

- mixing ink with water-based media - watercolors or Gansai Tambi paints;

- polishing Fluid Graphite applied to paper and dried to create a reflective surface;

- writing and drawing with a nib (dilute the ink for the right consistency);

- technique with salt - as in watercolor (we use this technique for diluted ink).

COLOR: black


PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Kuretake