Fountain pen IM Premium - Parker - Blue Grey CT, F

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Fountain pen IM Premium - Parker - Blue Grey CT, F

Fountain pen IM Premium - Parker - Blue Grey CT, F

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A high quality fountain pen from IM Premium pen series by Parker.

An incredibly attractive design and great quality are the features that characterize the Parker IM Premium fountain pen. It is a pen that looks impressive thanks to its unusual color and etched pattern on the cap and barrel. The pattern resembles an arrowhead, which together with the stylised clip creates a very interesting visual effect. The silver embellishments add an incredible charm to the pen, making it unique in every way.

When you choose IM Premium pen you bet not only on impressive looks but also on quality that cannot be imitated. Parker pens are class, elegance, style and perfection in one. Thanks to the best materials they are made from you can count on reliability and comfort while writing. A stainless steel nib glides smoothly across the page. As a result, you can write without scratches and without the slightest scrape.

COLOR: Muted Black GT



MODEL: Urban

PACKAGE: Ballpoint pen, cartridge



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