Fountain pen Collection - Kaweco - Ruby, M

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Fountain pen Collection - Kaweco - Ruby, M

Fountain pen Collection - Kaweco - Ruby, M

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The Kaweco Collection fountain pen is a writing instrument that appeared around 1900, which makes it absolutely timeless.

The new Kaweco Collection is getting energized and vitalized by the new brilliantly fiery color variant Ruby. The red ruby is still being considered one of the rarest and most precious gemstones in the world, thus being enthralling to many. Similarly to the lavishly sanded facets of the ruby, our fountain pen, with its shining polished finish, holds one’s fascination with its dazzling display contained in an octagonal shape.

The soft, rounded edges created through the refinement of the writing instrument‘s surface are crucial for its feeling of fitting perfectly into one’s hand. The pen’s elegant character is completed by the shadow engraving, along with a combination of an aluminium body and gold-plated components.

Kaweco Collection is a pocket fountain pen created on the model of Kaweco Sport collection. It is unique because of its form and size. When closed, it is only 13 cm long, so it fits in a pocket or wallet. With the cap on, however, it takes on the appearance of a standard-sized pen.

The Collection is distinguished by beautiful colors, an 8-sided grip, a beautiful silver nib and a hot stamped brand logo. The pen also has an ergonomic grip and light weight for fatigue-free writing.

The pen comes with a European size dark blue Kaweco cartridge. The Kaweco Sport Collection is compatible with the Kaweco brand mini converter.

COLOR: Ruby, red

NIB SIZE: M (medium)



WEIGHT: 21 g

MODEL: Collection



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