Satin Series Brush Fountain Pen - Ferris Wheel Press - Red Carpet, F

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Satin Series Brush Fountain Pen - Ferris Wheel Press - Red Carpet, F

Satin Series Brush Fountain Pen - Ferris Wheel Press - Red Carpet, F


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Fall in love with writing all over again!

Ferris Wheel Press is a stationery design and manufacturing company based in Canada. It has been creating high quality stationery products for over 10 years, constantly looking for innovation and improvement.

Ferris Wheel Press proudly presents the latest iteration of their signature Brush Fountain Pen. Taking inspiration from the most luxurious charmeuse satins, the Brush Fountain Pen now comes swathed in a smooth matte satin finish, while retaining its iconic silhouette. The nib is available in two versions: 0.7 mm (fine F) and 1 mm (medium M). The iconic custom engraved brass grip assembly will beautifully patina over time. Each fountain pen has been expertly handmade from copper, brass, and stainless steel for a well balanced yet substantial writing experience. 

The Brush Fountain Pen takes its namesake and familiarity from the contoured silhouette of an artist's paintbrush; drawing parallels to the ferrule, traditionally a metal section that holds the bristles of a brush. This shape was designed for good balance in-hand, while remaining comfortable over a long period of time. The delicate etchings on the grip are influenced by the mechanical components of our vintage printmaking equipment: the flywheel of our 1912 Pearl letterpress, the type hammers of our Underwood typewriter.


- Matte Satin Enamel coating;

- Nib: Stainless Steel Medium Point OR Fine Point;

- Full copper body;

- Intricately engraved brass grip;

- Brass nut on cap;

- Total length: 14,3 cm;

- Cap length: 5,7 cm;

- Grip length: 2,4 cm;

- Total weight: 23 g;

- Filling System: International Standard sized piston converter with ~0.75ml chamber.

COLOR: Red Carpet

NIB SIZE: 0,7 mm (F)

LENGHT: 14,3 cm

PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Ferris Wheel Press


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