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Calligraphy Ink - KWZ Ink - gallic turquoise, 60 ml

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Ask about product

Calligraphy Ink - KWZ Ink - gallic turquoise, 60 ml

Calligraphy Ink - KWZ Ink - gallic turquoise, 60 ml

Symbol: KWZ-1107

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Blue and black gallic ink is intended for fountain pens. It was composed, designed and manufactured in Poland, in a small manufactory. Its creation is the result of a passion for inks and handicrafts. KWZ Ink is to make every creator enjoy the beauty of calligraphy and derive incredible pleasure from creating.

Gallic inks (actually iron-gall inks) form a specific group of inks. After the ink is applied to the paper and most of the water evaporates, reactions take place, which form iron complexes of an intense dark color. Ink changes its color when it comes into contact with air. The result is an interesting change in ink color that is visible only after writing the text. The ink darkens and becomes saturated with color.

KWZ Ink gallic ink is not waterproof, so you can create unique shading effects with it. Its features are extremely saturated colors and excellent coverage. Each bottle is packed in an aesthetic cardboard box with the name of the color and the company logo. The ink is easily washed off many surfaces. The drying time of the ink varies depending on the color and takes from a few to several seconds.

Iron-gall inks will work especially in pens or nibs, which we use regularly and often. If you do not intend to use the pen or nib for a long time, it is best to clean them from the ink residues immediately after finishing the work. Otherwise, removing dried iron gall ink is not difficult, but requires a lot of time and patience. Especially, if we wrote with a pen, not with a nib pen, and we cannot or do not want to take the pen apart.

COLOR: gallic turquoise (1107)


PACKAGE: 1 pc.