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international Delivery

We deliver to 25. countries in Europe.

Preparation of the order takes approximately one working day and delivery takes place with 2-5 working days following dispatch. We ship by DPD logistic operator. You will see the delivery cost in the total amount in the purchasing process before you pay. You can make a payment via PayPal.

Country Price
Austria PLN90.00
Belgium PLN90.00
Bulgaria PLN115.00
Czech Republic PLN78.00
Denmark PLN90.00
Estonia PLN90.00
Finland PLN108.00
France PLN90.00
Greece PLN150.00
Spain PLN95.00
Netherlands PLN90.00
Ireland PLN108.00
Lithuania PLN78.00
Luxembourg PLN90.00
Germany PLN78.00
Portugal PLN100.00
Romania PLN115.00
Sweden PLN108.00
Slovakia PLN78.00
Slovenia PLN100.00
Hungary PLN90.00
Great Britain & Northern Ireland PLN90.00
Italy PLN95.00
Latvia PLN90.00