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Blend Notebook, Jacquard Weave - Moleskine - ruled, hard, L, blue

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Jacquard Weave Moleskine Notebook from Blend collection. A blending of hues, fabric and textures, the Blend Collection is where touch and colors meet. This Blend Notebook has a tactile Jacquard woven cover featuring predominantly dark threads, along with a color-coordinated black bookmark ribbon to keep your place and a matching elastic closure to protect your notes. The textured weave engages the senses, while the pages inside invite you to fill them with all the words, lists, projects and random thoughts that you want to capture and document day to day. 

COLOR: blue

SIZE: 13 x 21 cm

GRAMMAGE: 70 g/m2

COVER: hard with elastic closure

COMPANY: Moleskine



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