Mono Maxi Power Tape - Tombow - 8,4 mm x 16 m

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Ask about product

Mono Maxi Power Tape - Tombow - 8,4 mm x 16 m

Mono Maxi Power Tape - Tombow - 8,4 mm x 16 m

Symbol: TB-PN-IP

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Mono Maxi Power Tape Glue by Tombow.

The dispenser contains a replaceable roll of adhesive tape as long as 16 m. Guarantees extraordinary adhesion thanks to the use of a new super-strong adhesive tape. Adheres cleanly and without forming folds: paper, cardboard, photos, plastic, glass and more. Durable PET tape unwinds to the last millimeter. Tape adhesive allows quick and clean gluing without dirtying your hands or workstation. Perfect for school, office, work, college and art studio.

DIMENSIONS: 8,4 mm x 16 m

PACKAGE: 1 pc.



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