Gif boxes, Nutcracker - 3 pcs.

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Gif boxes, Nutcracker - 3 pcs.

Gif boxes, Nutcracker - 3 pcs.

Symbol: KAE-703297

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Gift boxes with the motif of an elegant Christmas check and nutcracker in red and green color. 

Cardboard boxes are an excellent alternative to traditional gift paper. They will work perfectly as packaging for Christmas gifts, and their elegant appearance will give extra pleasure to the recipients. You can hide in them, among others, cosmetics, toys, sweets, jewelry, gallantry, photos, gift vouchers or other beautiful gifts. Cardboard boxes are also suitable for additional decoration such as stickers, gift tags, wooden elements or ribbons.

COLOR: red and green

DIMENSIONS: 17 x 17 x 8 cm (the biggest box)

PACKAGE: 3 pcs.



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