Set of Point 88, Pen 68 and Boss Mini, Pastellove - Stabilo - 18 pcs.

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Set of Point 88, Pen 68 and Boss Mini, Pastellove - Stabilo - 18 pcs.

Set of Point 88, Pen 68 and Boss Mini, Pastellove - Stabilo - 18 pcs.

Symbol: STB-77/5-8-5

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All three popular STABILO Mini combined together in a gift pack. 6 each of Boss Mini, Pen 68 Mini and point 88 Mini. The design of the Boss Mini highlighters with 6 different positive motivational slogans, as well as the package design, was created by German lettering artist Hannah Rabenstein.

If you're looking for high performance and endless possibilities when it comes to creating artwork, Stabilo Pen 68 should become your new best friend. With its unique tip, it has brought the brand much acclaim and a reputation as a symbol of incomparable German quality - and that was back in 1966!

Pen 68 markers with a magnificent M-size tip (the line is about 1.4 mm thick) guarantee an even application of ink, making them perfect for drawing expressive lines, as well as for painting large areas. With their help you can also create watercolor masterpieces. Just mix the colors with a brush and a little water! These unique thin pens will surprise you with their performance: 24 hours without a cap without the risk of the tip drying out, odorless water-based ink, strong color saturation and high pigmentation.

Point 88 is the most popular thin pen in Europe. It is ideal for writing, drawing, highlighting, coloring and working with a ruler.  It's available in as many as 47 colors, making it also suitable for creating mind maps and colored notes for easy memorization. The sturdy metal-bound tip is resistant to breakage and delamination, guaranteeing high writing comfort until the ink is completely exhausted.

Additional advantages are its resistance to drying out (left without a cap it does not dry out for a long time) and ventilated cap which, in case of sudden swallowing, protects against suffocation. The thickness of the writing line is 0.4 mm. 

TIP SIZE: M (0,4 mm), 1 mm, 2-5 mm.

PACKAGE: 18 pcs. (6 pcs. Point 88 Mini, 6 pcs. Pen 68 Mini, 6 pcs. Boss Mini)

COMPANY: Stabilo


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