Metal sharpener machine - Caran d'Ache - green

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Metal sharpener machine - Caran d'Ache - green

Metal sharpener machine - Caran d'Ache - green

Symbol: CD-455-021

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Caran d'Ache has been a source of creative inspiration for over 100 years.

This time, the brand celebrates the holiday season with the original "Wonder Forest" collection. It is an enchanting gift collection consisting of five of the company's iconic products. They have been prepared in a new color version especially for this occasion. These are the colors that express the "Swiss" identity. The timelessness of red meets the modernity of the dark green of the forest.

Manual, metal sharpener machine with in a dark green color in a collector's red metal box. The sharpener has an engraved inscription "COLLECTOR'S EDITION 1933". The sharpener is ideal for sharpening round and hexagonal pastels as well as crayons and pencils with a diameter of 4 to 10 mm, with the possibility of adjusting the degree of sharpening of the pencil. On the side of the sharpener there is a special retractable container for sharpening. The blades in the sharpener are replaceable.

COLOR: black

DIMENSIONS: 14,4 x 14,4 x 16,9 cm

WEIGHT: 1,41 kg


COMPANY: Caran d'Ache


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