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Elfenbens Decor Paper 246g - white, Linen (203)

6.60 PLN
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Elfebens is an exclusive, durable, embossed paper. Paper can go through bookbinding processes such as: foil embossing, laminating, spot varnishing, creasing, folding, die-cutting, laser cutting, blind embossing, perforating, binding, etc. Elfebens is suitable for offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing, laser and inkjet printing (for higher grammages, refer to the printer manufacturers specifications). A printing test is recommended. Applications: business cards, annual reports, business materials, exclusive packaging, covers, greeting cards, invitations, displays, calendars, certificates, brochures, envelopes, menus, etc.

COLOR: white
GRAMMAGE: 246 g/m2
TEXTURE: double-sided: linen

COMPANY: Koehler