Talens Ecoline

Brushpens Talens Ecoline are a liquid Talens Ecoline Watercolor (based on dyes and gum arabic) in an innovative and convenient pen form. So far, Talens Ecoline watercolor paints have been available only in jars. Talens Ecoline watercolors in the form of a pen are perfect for traveling and outdoors, when taking paints, brushes, palettes and water is problematic. Their colors are vivid and saturated, and the soft brush tip makes it possible to draw lines of various thickness - from expressive and bold to thin and precise.Markers with a brush tip are great not only as an alternative to paints in classic watercolor paintings - e.g. landscapes or portraits. They also work well in decorating greeting cards, scrapbooking, illustrations (including comics), sketches, calligraphy and design. Talens Ecoline are extremely easy to use. You can use them on your own, without the use of additional tools, to achieve a delicate yet vivid watercolor effect. The colors, just like in the case of classic watercolor paints, can be combined and blended to create smooth color transitions. For a subtle, semi-transparent gradient and blur effect, Talens Ecoline brush pens can be used in combination with water. You can use them in the "wet on wet" and "wet on dry" technique, selecting the appropriate watercolor paper in the form of a pad or sketchbook. Talens Ecoline are also great for children and young people. Their pigment and ease of use will ensure the highest comfort of painting for both hobbyists and amateurs, as well as professionals. The Talens Ecoline brush pens can be bought individually, composing your own individual range of colors, as well as in specially created sets that will be a great starter kit for beginners. Both forms are available at PaperConcept both online with shipping throughout the European Union, as well as stationary - in our stores in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Gdansk and Poznan.