Uni Posca

Uni Posca markers are the most universal pens in the world! Posca felt-tip pens are markers with poster paint. The paint is completely opaque, fluid and thick. It can be mixed, diluted and applied in layers. Although the paint used in Posca markers is water-based, the effects achieved with it are similar to those that can be obtained using acrylic paint. Colors can be mixed directly on the substrate as long as the paint is still wet. Marker Posca also means a short drying time for subsequent layers, which can be applied minute by minute. Light colors will cover dark ones, and in addition any color gradation effects are possible. Posca pens can be painted on stones, glass, metal, wood, plastic, fabric, porcelain, terracotta, paper. Posca marker are also pen for drawing on skin! They are 100% non-toxic and the paint is easily removed with soap and water. Uni Posca felt-tip pens are 40 colors, including 4 fluorescent and 8 metallic. They will work well as professional markers, but also as decorative markers for lovers of handicrafts or scrapbooking. The Posca marker will also be a great tool for personalizing T-shirts, hats or other clothes. At PaperConcept you will find Posca markers for pieces and in sets! The undisputed favorite, the Posca white marker, awaits both stationary and online.