Lefranc & Bourgeois Fine Acrylic

Lefranc & Bourgeois is a brand with over 300 years of experience in the art market. Their Fine Acrylic line of acrylic paints are high-quality studio paints. They are especially recommended for students of art schools. Fine Acrylic paints have an improved, smooth consistency, which makes them spread perfectly over many different surfaces. Lefranc & Bourgeois Fine Acrylic are very well pigmented and have great coverage. Thanks to their plastic consistency, they will be perfect for covering large surfaces, but also for creating precise and smooth cuts. The entire palette contains 55 colors which, thanks to precise production, maintain high color stability and purity. In addition, 23 colors from the entire color palette are single-pigment colors, which allows you to mix colors maintaining their purity. The palette also includes two metallic colors: gold and silver. You can order all the colors at our online store or buy them in our stores in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Katowice.