Tikky III mechanical pencil - Rotring - Black, 0,5 mm

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Ask about product

Tikky III mechanical pencil - Rotring - Black, 0,5 mm

Tikky III mechanical pencil - Rotring - Black, 0,5 mm

Symbol: ROT-1904700

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The history of the German brand Rotring began back in 1928. Today, Rotring products are the best choice for all those involved in technical drawing, drafting and artistic drawing.

Precision automatic pencil Tikky created for professionals. It will be perfect for drawing, writing, drawing and sketching. It has a solid body and rubberized grip, which prevents the pencil from slipping during work. The shock-absorbing mechanism allows you to draw without worrying about the stylus breaking during higher pressure.

The pencil also includes a metal clip and an eraser hidden under the cap. Thanks to it you can quickly make any corrections on the drawing. Chrome-plated tip allows you to create drawings using drawing templates. The Tikky series offers a wide range of drawing pen diameters, providing artists with a variety of choices, depending on the nature of the work they are creating.

COLOR: Black


PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Rotring