Face paint kit - Snazaroo - Halloween, 13 pcs.

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Face paint kit - Snazaroo - Halloween, 13 pcs.

Face paint kit - Snazaroo - Halloween, 13 pcs.

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Halloween face painting set.

With its help you will create up to 40 different make-ups. Snazaroo face paints are ideal for both professionals and beginners. They do not contain parabens and allergenic substances, making them completely safe for children's skin. At the same time, they are extremely easy to use and have excellent coverage! This type of product is perfect for a variety of parties such as birthdays, Halloween, as well as at festivals, amusement parks and more. They are a great idea for engaging children in fun together. The face paints are non-toxic, so they can be used by children without any worries. In addition, they have not been tested on animals.


- 8 paints 2 ml;

- brush;

- sponge;

- step-by-step face painting guide.

COMPANY: Snazaroo


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