Lettering set - Maped - 22 elements

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Lettering set - Maped - 22 elements

Lettering set - Maped - 22 elements

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Lettering set ideal for calligraphy, creating illustrations, beautiful decorative lettering, decorating notes and notes. Lettering set is a perfect gift for loved ones and friends.

The set includes:

- 6 Flex Pastel highlighters - the unique soft tip manufactured according to Japanese technology perfectly adheres to the highlighted surface, even one that is not perfectly even. Decorated casing with a classic shape. Light-resistant, non-toxic ink with high performance and durability. For all standard, self-copy, photocopy, thermal paper and fax paper. Left uncapped even after 4 hours, it does not lose its properties. The beveled tip allows you to write thin and thick lines from 1 to 5 mm.

- 16 Graph'Peps Deco Thin Pens - a versatile line of thin pens for everyone, for use at school, at home and in the office. Metal-bound tip. Thickness of the tip 0.4 mm. Safety vented cap with clip. Ergonomic triangular shape improves writing comfort. Body decorated with glossy patterns in ink color.


- 6 Flex Pastel highlighters;

- 16 Graph'Peps Deco Thin-caps.



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