Cracking Varnish Decoupage - Renesans - 125 ml

  • 22,50 zł

    20,45 zł / 100 ml

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Cracking Varnish Decoupage - Renesans - 125 ml

Cracking Varnish Decoupage - Renesans - 125 ml


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Cracking varnish is a water-based product which has to be used together with ageing varnish or gloss varnish to create a crackle finish on the surface. Cracking varnish should be applied over the surface coated with ageing varnish (6-24 hours after the application of ageing varnish). The time between applying ageing varnish and cracking varnish is very important as it influences the size and length of the crakcs - The longer the primer (ageing varnish) dries, the smaller the cracks.

CAPACITY: 125 ml

COMPANY: Renesans


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