Decoupage vanish & glue - Pentart - 20 ml

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    42,50 zł / 100 ml

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Ask about product

Decoupage vanish & glue - Pentart - 20 ml

Decoupage vanish & glue - Pentart - 20 ml

Symbol: PENTA-0638

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Non-toxic, water-based adhesive and protective varnish in one by Pentart.

Perfect for beginners. The product should be applied with a brush or a sponge. After sticking the motif varnish the whole surface of the decorated object with the same preparation. The number of layers of varnish applied depends on individual needs. Store at room temperature, close the container tightly after use to prevent the preparation from drying. Brushes wash thoroughly with water and soap.

Product is used to glue motifs and protect the work. 


PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Pentart


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