Decoupage Candle Glue & Varnish - Pentart - 100 ml

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    19,90 zł / 100 ml

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Decoupage Candle Glue & Varnish - Pentart - 100 ml

Decoupage Candle Glue & Varnish - Pentart - 100 ml

Symbol: PENTA-42578

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An adhesive that can be used for decorating candles. It contains a special flame retardant so that decorative items applied to candles such as napkins can be burned safely. The decoration on the candle does not smoke or emit odors, and does not ignite when the candle is gradually consumed. The glue can also be used as a primer. It is mainly recommended for decoupage technique and rub-on pigments.

Instructions for use:

Apply the glue to the candle, then apply the motif cut from a napkin or paper and press down. After drying, it is best to re-paint with the glue using it similarly to the colorless protective varnish. 

CAPACITY: 100 ml

PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: Pentart


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