Styrofoam lamb - 9,5 cm

8.00 zł

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Styrofoam lamb - 9,5 cm

Styrofoam lamb - 9,5 cm

Symbol: ST-BARANEK-2

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Styrofoam lambs will be the perfect base for creating your own handmade decorations. Styrofoam lambs can be painted with acrylic paints, dry and wet felted or decorated with your own favorite technique.

You can decorate them with colorful sequins, wooden or plastic beads, shiny glitter, dried artificial or natural flowers or moss. Delicate lace, satin ribbons and decorative ribbons will also come in handy.

Once decorated, they will be a beautiful DIY decoration that will decorate your home or Easter table. One of the most popular methods of decorating polystyrene products is decoupage and decorating with satin ribbons - using the artichoke or kanzashi method, entirely hand-made. To attach the decorations you will need pins or hot glue and a little imagination. The Easter eggs are made of polystyrene foam of very good quality, Polish production.

NOTE: Polystyrene products may have small scratches / dents. This is due to the specificity of the product, does not reduce its value and is not subject to complaint.

COLOR: white

SIZE: 11 x 7 x 9,5 cm




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