Tintoretto Ceylon envelope 140g - C6, Cannella, caramel brown

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Tintoretto Ceylon envelope 140g - C6, Cannella, caramel brown

Tintoretto Ceylon envelope 140g - C6, Cannella, caramel brown

Symbol: KTCC6C-02

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Tintoretto envelopes are made of wood-free, uncoated, coloured paper produced from ECF bleached pulp. The paper imitates handmade paper with a delicate felt texture giving it an elegant finish. It is susceptible to embossing and resistant to damage. The envelopes complement the Tintoretto collection of papers.

Tintoretto envelopes, thanks to their high paper weight and precise manufacturing, are perfect as envelopes for invitations - regardless of whether they are wedding invitations, communion invitations or christening invitations. Depending on the chosen model, envelopes will fit all most popular invitation formats - B6, C6, K4 or DL. There is no denying that it is the envelopes for invitations that are responsible for making the right first impression on the invited guests. Thanks to the Tintoretto envelopes collection, choosing the one, right kind of decorative envelope for invitations to important events should be much easier!

COLOR: Cannella, caramel brown


GRAMMAGE: 140 g/m2


PAPER FINISHING: watercolor paper texture/pattern

SEAL FLAP TYPE: gummed flaps

PACKAGE: 1 envelope


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