Low temperature glue gun - DpCraft - 40 W

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Low temperature glue gun - DpCraft - 40 W

Low temperature glue gun - DpCraft - 40 W

Symbol: DP-DPPK-019

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A low-temperature, high-quality glue gun.

The device is easy to use and very efficient, as it has a leak lock. It heats the glue in 5 minutes to a maximum temperature of 140°C. The glue gun also has an indicator light that lets you know when it is properly heated. Another advantage of the product is the ergonomic non-slip handle, which provides a more comfortable grip, improving the comfort of work.

Ideal for small home repairs, DIY and creating decorative items. Indispensable for scrapbooking and cardmaking projects and home decor. It can be used to glue various materials including glass, wood, metal and plastic. The maximum heat of the glue is 140°C, so the gun will also work well with heat-sensitive materials.

Set contains:

- gun with a 150 cm cable;

- tripod;

- 2 Fi 11x100 mm glue sticks;

- instruction;

Technical data:

- voltage: 230 V

- power: 40 W

- heating time: 5 min

COLOR: mint

PACKAGE: 1 pc.

COMPANY: dpCraft


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