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Be-be My first Glue Stick - Giotto - 20 g

19.90 zł

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Ask about product

Be-be My first Glue Stick - Giotto - 20 g

Be-be My first Glue Stick - Giotto - 20 g

Symbol: GI-466200

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Giotto be-be 'My First Glue' stick has a modern look. Its rounded shape is perfect for small hands. It has no sharp elements, so it will give every mother a sense of peace. The new formula is fully compliant with EU requirements for products for young children. The glue has a pleasant smell and, at the same time, a bitter taste, discouraging the child from eating it. The product is dermatologically tested, it does not contain solvents and other substances causing allergies. It has a perfectly smooth consistency and leaves no lumps. Perfect for gluing paper, cardboard and fabrics.






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