Handmade paper - Kalander - onion, smooth, A5

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Handmade paper - Kalander - onion, smooth, A5

Handmade paper - Kalander - onion, smooth, A5


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Handmade paper is an exclusive and unique product.

Since 2002, the Kalander company has been engaged in the manual production of exclusive handmade paper, which is distinguished by its noble appearance, interesting texture and characteristic frayed edges.

It is produced by hand in the handmade process, imitating a traditional recipe from the 15th century. It consists of making the water-plant pulp and forming the paper from a suspension drained on a rectangular sieve. The paper also shows embedded petals of dried flowers, grasses, herbs, coffee or vegetable shells.

Carefully developed and improved recipe has resulted in many types of papers, which are ideal for all kinds of artwork (especially for watercolors), certificates, commemorative diplomas and exclusive wishes. Handmade paper is also used for calligraphy, scrapbooking, making covers for notebooks or diaries, letters and stationery.

Handmade paper meets all requirements for doctoral diplomas. It is perfect for inkjet printing, letterpress printing and screen printing. The paper emphasizes the character of old prints: woodcuts, copperplates and lino-lithos. The paper has been adapted for inkjet and some laser printers.

COLOR: ivory with onion

TEXTURE: smooth

FORMAT: A5 (16 x 22 cm)

PACKAGE: 1 sheet

COMPANY: Kalander


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