Artists' Watercolor paint - Holbein - Shell Pink, 5 ml

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Ask about product

Artists' Watercolor paint - Holbein - Shell Pink, 5 ml

Artists' Watercolor paint - Holbein - Shell Pink, 5 ml

Symbol: HOL-W026

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Holbein Watercolor is a transparent, European-style watercolor that retains properties of traditional Japanese watercolor techniques. Holbein watercolors are very well-pigmented, so even a small amount of paint allows you to get the desired effects. Holbein watercolors are produced without the use of bile, animal by-products or other dispersing agents. As a result, we get a unique medium, with the highest pigmentation and the better brush control. The entire series of Holbein watercolors has a consistent, creamy texture. The colors on the work can be left to dry, and then rewet again if necessary to make corrections.

The Holbein brand offers a range of 108 colors of watercolor paints available in 5 ml tubes and half-pans.

COLOR: Shell Pink W026





PACKAGE: 1 pc.

Explanation of the codes:

T - Transparent

N - Non-Staining

E - Easy Lift

H - Hard Lift

X - Granulating Color

B - Semi-Transparent Color

K - Semi-Staining 

O - Opaque

S - Staining

I - Intense

COMPANY: Holbein